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Best Cloud Service Company and What is Cloud Computing?

To begin with, we will first look at the meaning of terms and services which we will encounter in this article. In recent years, interconnection between different computer, as a network are being used to give service to many sectors, which ones, let’s start from the beginning of some basic concepts.

What is Cloud computing

Cloud computing is concept where many computers are connected on internet and provide you a virtual machine to keep your data and manage it according to your needs.

So, if you put it this way that its a service which provides you a hard disk which is connected to internet. We can also refer this service as cloud services. Due to its convenience, low pricing giving ample space cloud service has become largely popular. When we speak of its convenience it majorly refers to its accessibility, you will be able to access your hard drive on any device having internet access. Also it can carry any file type, be it a photo, video or document.

You will able to make your home and office connected and in sync always, plus you can access it on your mobile phones, tablets, computers. Cloud computing has really changed the scenario of today’s network.

Cloud services are provided by number of companies including the world’s biggest and largest companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. They provide several plans according to your needs, you can be an end user, small business owner or a large enterprise, these cloud service company can fulfil your every need.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Service Company

In this article, we will be featuring the best cloud service company based on their features, storage and compatibility. The basics of a cloud computing is ability to view, edit and share file on the cloud, which will be synced on all the devices you connect from. Our main motto is to provide you the best service without any biased views ( and no affiliate links ).

Cloud Computing

1) Google Apps

Google apps is probably the most favorite choice anybody can make, due to its ease of use and integration with mobile and desktop devices enables it to become most user friendly in every way. With features like storing any type of file is brilliant and i would consider this choice to be the most appropriate when it comes to security.

2) iCloud

iCloud from Apple Inc. has to be the top choice for people using Apple devices, If iCloud would have come in Android i would have made iCloud my first choice, but Google Apps are certainly better in compatibility. iCloud is absolutely solid, user-friendly and sleek. Its highly recommended for Apple users. So, if you own a Mac or iOS device, this choice is the best.

3) Amazon Web Services ( aws )

Amazon web services or aws is the only company which can compete with stature of Google and Apple. Amazon’s great potential in cloud services has made many big companies to take services from Amazon. Amazon’s great support and built-in music player makes them one of best cloud service company.

4) Dropbox

Dropbox has been in the market with great features like auto syncing, file sharing and ease of use. But it lacks the Windows Phone app, which I am sure will be coming anytime soon. Its so easy to use it, anybody with very less technical knowledge can easily use it. With addition of email and contacts they can surely break the top position from Google and Apple altogether. Its worth every dime.

5) OpenDrive

OpenDrive is another easy way to sync files, access or edit them from the cloud, the only part where it lacks the others in the list is the ignorance to sync email, contacts, and calendar. All the Apple devices are able to access files easily, but the Windows and Android users need to wait for some more time. Its fast, reliable and a great tool to have.

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In the end, we would like you to share your views on which cloud company you consider provides the best service in cloud computing.

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